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Spark + Shine

An exploration on the nature of creativity and self-expression, designed to get your creative juices flowing and your voice out into the world.

This course is designed to get you out of your head and into the creative flow. Creativity is not a "thing" that you either have or you don't have, nor is it just for artists. Creativity is a space that every person can access in any aspect of their life at any time. You can bring creativity to your ideas around money, building a business, starting a family, or yes, creating art. Your desire to create is strong, but it gets overshadowed by your thinking. So much thinking! Like: Who will watch, listen, or read this? Who am I to say, write, create, or share this thing? What if everyone hates it? Or scarier, what if everyone loves it? Am I good, skilled, experienced, enough? Am I enough? Putting yourself out there does not have to be scary or slimy or dishonest. It can be inspiring, engaging, and fun to connect with people simply by being yourself.

What you will get from this course...

  • Learn to access creativity more often, and what blocks your innate creativity.

  • Spark fresh and innovative ideas into being.

  • Connect with your authentic voice and allow yourself to express it.

  • Feel confident in taking the next right action to move forward in your project. Shine your light brightly.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Nature of Creativity & Self-Expression

  • 2

    Seeing the Story

  • 3

    Your Best Tool: Awareness

    • Day 13: The Elevator of Consciousness

    • Day 14: Tuning Your Instrument

    • Day 15: Now Here or Nowhere

    • Day 16: Other People's Thoughts

    • Day 17: Create Like a Child

    • Day 18: Get 'Er Done

  • 4

    The True You

    • Day 19: You Are the Blue Sky

    • Day 20: Listening to Wisdom

    • Day 21: Embracing Uncertainty

    • Day 22: Show up. Then, show up to what shows up.

    • Day 23: You Can't Get This Wrong

    • Day 24: Use Your Superpower for Good