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Rediscover who you really are.

Just so you know, you are not your constant worry, overwhelming sadness, or spinning mind. You are not any of your thoughts. You are something beyond your particular circumstances and challenges, whatever they may be. You are the space where clarity, creativity, peace, resilience, and joy reside.  You are light, love, and spirit. Rekindle the most important relationship in your life -- the one with your beautifully messy, resilient, courageous, and completely extraordinary true self. 

What you will receive throughout the 12-week program:

Next session: January 4 - March 28, 2021

  • Twelve modules about an aspect of our true nature with videos, interactive homework assignments, journal prompts and meditations.

  • Twelve group sessions (90 minutes) held weekly on Zoom at a time and day to be determined by the group.

  • Weekly Video content that you can watch at your own pace filmed in nature.

  • Weekly chapters (never before released!) from my course book, "Rewilding Spirit".

  • Additional resources including articles, books, and videos about the inside-out understanding of the mind.

What's Inside the Box?

Reconnecting with your true nature comes from an understanding of who we really are. Sarah shares videos of an understanding of the mind that allows for deeper connection to our innate wisdom and well-being.

  • 1

    Module One: The Nature of Listening

  • 2

    Module Two: The Nature of Understanding

    • The Three Principles Explained in Under Two Minutes

    • What is the Understanding?

    • Chocolate versus Broccoli

    • Rewilding Spirit ~ Chapter One

    • Week Two Homework: Noticing

    • Not Required, Further Reading if you're Interested

  • 3

    Module Three: The Nature of Thinking

    • Thinking Beings

    • Your Built-in Cell Phone

    • The Unreliable Narrator

    • Let's Play the Feeling Game

    • Rewilding Spirit Chapter Two

  • 4

    Module Four: The Nature of Seeing

    • The Hamster Experiment

    • Elevator of Consciousness

    • Letting In

    • Falling into Presence

    • Rewilding Spirit ~ Chapter Three

  • 5

    Module 5: The Nature of Feeling

    • Rewilding Spirit ~ Chapter Four

    • The Movies of Our Mind (excerpt from Spark + Shine course)

    • What our Emotions Tell Us (excerpt from Spark + Shine course)

    • TedX Talk: "Why Aren't We Awesomer?" by Michael Neill

    • "Doorbells" by Glennon Doyle

  • 6

    Module Six: The Nature of Being

    • Falling Back in Love

    • The Beauty of Ordinary

    • You Are the Blue Sky

    • BONUS: Blue Sky Meditation

  • 7


    • The Secret by Mavis Karn

    • Oneness of Life by Sydney Banks

  • 8

    Module Seven: Your Nature is Wisdom

    • Who You Are

    • You Are Already Know

    • The Empty Room

    • Wisdom (in the wind)

    • A Poem: Did You Know?

    • Chapter: Your Nature is Wisdom

  • 9

    Module Eight: Your Nature is Well

    • Come From Well

    • The Unbroken Tree

    • Playing the Game

    • Regenerate Thought (Like an Octopus)

    • Lassoing the Sun

  • 10

    Module Nine: Your Nature is Connection

    • The Space of Love

    • You Are A Part of the Whole

  • 11

    Module Ten: Your Nature is Creative

    • Creativity is Your Nature

  • 12

    Module Eleven: Your Nature is to Shine

    • Shine! Let Yourself Be Seen

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