Meet Sarah

Sarah Kostin

Sarah Kostin is a Transformative Coach certified through Michael Neill's Super Coach Academy. ​ As a powerful, intuitive, and heart-felt coach, Sarah helps clients experience amazing shifts in their life and business by exploring the inside-out nature of the human experience. With humor and lightheartedness, Sarah delivers these powerful video courses in order to help her students live a more simple, easy, and joy-filled life. She blends her love of nature and the outdoors with a deep connection with our true spiritual nature within. She can often be found mountain biking, hiking, or stand-up paddleboarding in the mountains she calls home.

Student Testimonials

I would join it again in a heartbeat!


I recently took the Spark and Shine course with Sarah Kostin. Her demeanor and ideas are thoughtful and fun, her personal insights are relatable and welcoming, and she's great at guiding the group's convos in a dynamic way. I loved everything about the course, would join it again in a heartbeat!

Truly awesome!

Kate C.

Sarah’s Shine course videos, content, and live zooms were truly awesome! Something I totally looked forward to each week. It felt good to focus on myself and listen to my mind and it’s thoughts for a solid month - noticing certain aspects and/or ideas, daily and often. Shine and the group we had for this session was totally cool and I felt comfortable opening up and participating each week. Everyone was super genuine! In this course, I felt like I was reminded of a good amount of “things” I may have heard before, but also learned more about how to get out of my own way and really pay attention. Thoughts are like clouds! And we are the blue sky! Thank you, Sarah!

Wisdom & Insight


I recently took the Finding Solid Ground Course. Sarah Kostin offered a lot of wisdom and insight. It was great to hear from others in the class and I especially loved the coaching session at the end.